Our Story & Future

Tender Care Farm is a small, Black-stewarded vegetable farm in Boulder, CO. Tender Care Farm stewards half an acre and large greenhouse. We envision a future on the land where new farmers can learn with grace, and where we can live in a sweet balance with the Earth.

The farm was established in October 2022. 

The Garlicorn Farmer Cooperative is a group of farmers of color 

with independent farms working collectively.

Our snow covered field. January 2023.

Group of people of many genders and races smiling outside on a bright sunny day.

Garlicorn Collective farmers and supporters join for a picture during our first gathering. October 2022.

Our greenhouse waiting for us to prep for the next season! January 2023.

2023 Foods & Plants

We're stewarding a half acre of land to create a harmonious blend of specialty crops and flowers. In season, you'll find our fresh produce and foods for sale at Jacob Springs Farm.

Three Sisters Garden

We're growing sweet sorghum, pole beans, and cucumbers in the three sisters portion of our garden. Golden Red Amarynth is a fourth sister to add some color and encourage cucumber beetles to eat it, and not our cucs!

In the fall, we'll have delicious batches of sorghum syrup for sale.

Veggie Garden

We're growing pickling cucumbers, cabbage, pole beans, collards, and beets. In season, you'll find our pickled products at Jacob Springs Farm. We'll let you know here what we've got ready!

Restoring Habitats

When we grow vegetables, we ask a lot of the land. In return, we think it's important to give back. So around our garden you'll find these species native to our area:

Phone: 720-772-7159

Email: info@tendercarefarm.com

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